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The next point I wanted to try was to try to see things from their point of view. Luckily, I do this at my job on a daily basis. I went to the Army police academy and they teach this to you there. They talk about when you go to a scene and you are talking with a person that you need to see things through their point of view to better get a picture of what is going on and why they call for the police. Having already had experience with this one I thought I would really focus on seeing the whole story from a person’s point of view. While at work we had an employee drive out to our guard shack and tell us that a lady driving a van almost hit him while he was crossing the street to his car. He informed us it seemed like she sped up while he was…show more content…
He told us he was very shaken up which I would say would be easy if that happened to anyone. After seeing things from his point of view I knew I had to handle this matter seriously, so I took his report and his information and ran the license plate number and found that it came back to the company that is contracted to do the cleaning on our base. I contacted the lady and asked her side of the story she tried to tell me she was sick of people walking in front of the van while she was driving on put and she might have sped out a little bit to scare him, but she was not going to hit him with the van. I explained to her this is a military base and she cannot do anything like that. I went and talked to her supervisor and gave them the information and her supervisor said she would take care of it. I contacted the employee and let him know that I found out who did it and everything would be taken care of. I think trying to see things from his point of view better help me realize that this was a serious matter and I think he could tell I was compassionate with his

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