Reflective Essay On Presentation

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As students, presentations are something that is required in most classes yet, students do not see themselves as public speakers. Throughout high school and now in college, I have had to present material in 80 percent of the classes that I have taken. Presenting was, and still is something that I struggle with no matter how big or how small the group is that I am presenting to. I knew that Public Speaking was a required class for me so, rather than putting it off, I decided to go ahead and get it out of the was as soon as possible. Speaking in front of people is out of my comfort zone. I also decided that it would be best to take this class earlier so that I could have more time to improve my public speaking on my own. Over the past year I have improved more than I could ever imagine; FFA…show more content…
Mr. Marbert told the class that there would be a presentation that would be due at the end of the semester but that this presentation could be completed in groups. I was in a group with two other students and we chose to create an informative presentation about essential oils. The presentation was to be presented at the end of November to the class. Each group member chose a specific topic within essential oils and created PowerPoint slides to go along with their topic. The PowerPoint only had a few bullet points per slide and pictures to accompany each slide. All of the information had to be memorized because no note cards were allowed. I was very comfortable giving this presentation and received a high grade as well.
Over the past year I have grown more than I could ever imagine as a speaker and it was presentations such as those I had to do with FFA, at my church, and at school that helped me to improve me public speaking. I still do not enjoy public speaking but I have grown as a public speaker. I hope that this class helps to further improve my public speaking skills and helps prove to myself that I can speak in front of
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