Reflective Essay On Reading And Writing

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This semester I have got to admit, has been really hard. It has been really challenging especially this class. My senior year was not exactly what I thought would be yet, it has teached me to be better and to be prepared for college. This class has teached me growth, processing, skills, and a lot of preparation in reading and writing. In the beginning of the semester, my reading and writing was a complete chaos. I would mainly spite reading because I would lose my patience really fast. Writing on the other hand was adequate, but my vocabulary did not match my capacity. An example I could use would be when I began to do the essays. My first essay was the “Memoir” and I could honestly say my writing was not very good, luckily I had a few things to guide me by while writing this essay. My teacher helped out a lot by giving each student handouts that really helped with this essay. One of the handouts she gave us really helped me out because it was about the “Sensory Words”. Since the essay…show more content…
This made my first essay very challenging due to the fact that I had to make people see and feel the moment I chose. My process as a writer changed drastically into who I am today. Every time I write an essay, I start to prewrite. Prewriting made my essay life way easier. This process helps you organize and it also makes your essay a really good one. By doing this process, my growth in the last paragraph grew. Who I am today as a writer is thanks to the writing process I used to improve. I personally feel that thanks to this class I have better reading and writing skills. This skills kept growing due to all the hard work and handouts my teacher would give us. If my teacher would not have pushed us to be better, I don’t know how I would survive college. All the processes, transitional words, organizational patterns she teached made my skills go up to a college ready

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