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The Latin root of the word ‘Reflection’ refers to the ‘moving back’ or getting or bending back” to something. This bending back is of significant importance in any profession, any task and any practice as suggested by Horwood (1989). Put in very simple words, every time we do something and later stop to think or ponder over what we did, how we did and why we did, consequently also thinking on what were the effects of such doing and if or how it could have been done better, then we are actually engaging ourselves in the process of reflection. Making this a part of our profession so as to bring constant improvement in the quality of our own performance is what we can say is bringing reflection to our practice; hence the term ‘Reflective Practice’…show more content…
Hence, mindful thinking and self-evaluation of feelings and actions is what Hegarty 2011 calls as reflection. Running across some more literature on reflective practice in education leads us to several terms that have the same effects as reflection and according to Knapp (1992) may also be referred to as the synonyms of reflection such as debriefing , critiquing , bridging , reviewing , thinking about thinking, critical thinking, analyzing, generalizing , teaching for transformation, evaluation , consideration , interviewing or taking feedback etc . Anyone who indulges in all these at any point of his/her profession is a reflective practitioner. Freshwater (2008) has talked about three types of reflection – descriptive (mainly narrative), dialogic (through feedback ) and critical (reasoning and questioning ). Figure 3: Freshwater’s classification of reflection Another classification has been given by Donald Schon had also talked about two types of reflection – reflection in action and reflection on action. While reflection in action requires us to reflect and keep thinking and deliberating on our actions and processes while we are doing them, being careful with our emotions and feelings and decisions , reflection on action is not a spontaneous process and involves deliberation and going back to introspecting everything after the task is

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