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In this journal, I want to discuss about religions being a kind of science and philosophy. Note that my knowledge about religion is rather poor¬¬, which means it is highly possible that I have written something inaccurate here. I apologize for all mistakes, and hopefully they will be corrected as the course progresses. One question that interests me most about religions is why they come into being. I have suspected that religions are essentially the product of humans’ curiosity and the underdeveloped science and technology that fail to meet such curiosity. As mentioned in the first tutorial, some people consider religions as science. Desire for knowledge is a part of human nature. It is what distinguishes us from animals. We are not existing…show more content…
If my hypothesis that religions are created in an attempt to understand the world is correct, they seem to be somewhat irrelevant to modern society now that the goal has already been better accomplished by something else. Yet there are still Buddhist, Christians and Muslins today, and many of them are equipped with knowledge of modern natural and social science. Thus, although they might have been science-equivalents at the beginning, I tend to consider religions today as a kind of philosophy. We do not need them for seeking specific scientific truths or for governing a state, but we do need them as a way of thinking (which is what philosophy essentially is). The Buddhist way of thinking does not mean that Buddhists have to shave, to be vegetarian or to believe everything in Buddhist texts is undeniable truth (otherwise it could appear like superstition). What they must do is to stay true to the message conveyed by Buddhism. For example, they will offer help to someone in need because Buddhism holds that there is a cause for everything and your kindness will entail good fortune in return; they will be tough and strong when faced with vicissitudes of life because Buddhism says that the pain today will bring happiness tomorrow. Apologize again for the lack of Buddhism-specific contents

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