Reflective Essay On Resilience

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Resilience is defined as the individual’s ability to "bounce back" and cope effectively in the face of difficulties; "bend, but not break under extreme stress" and "maintain equilibrium following highly aversive events" (Luthar, Cicchetti, & Becker, 2000; Masten & Reed, 2002; Rutter, 1999; Meichenbaum D). Enhancing resilience improves an individual’s quality of life at both work and home (Bond et al., 2010). Measuring an individuals’ level of resilience enables them to know if they need changes to be as resilient as they can be. My overall resilience score indicates that I am medium on Coping with Change, Problem Solving and Organisation and my results are high enough on the scale of Self Confidence, Working with Others and Support Networks.…show more content…
My responses suggest that I already use a range of approaches to learning, which will help me to become even more effective learner, as I can access a variety of different sorts of information and apply it in different ways. As a ‘pragmatic doer’ I like to learn through practical actions. I am energetic and outgoing, and enjoy learning opportunities that get results. I often learn in a planned sequence and enjoy learning that involves other…show more content…
I have really good academic performance and desire to learn more. Personally I am supportive, reliable and patient, sharing my knowledge, experience, time and energy with anyone who needs it. I always strive for win-win situations. I have a steady approach and ensure that things are done to the highest standard. Moreover, I am imaginative in a practical way, observant and enthusiastic. When the goal is right, I take all this support, reliability and imagination and apply in the best way. Finally, I am loyal and hard-working, which is highly appreciated by

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