Reflective Essay On Restart

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Do you wish you can restart your whole life. The book I read was called Restart. The genre of this book is fiction.I chose this book because it looked very interesting. It was about a middle schooler named Chase Ambrose who fell of the roof of his house and got amnesia. When he goes back to school a lot of his peers were either scared or angry at him because before he had amnesia he was a bully. Now he has to figure out who he is and who he was. In the beginning of he book Chase Ambrose wakes up in a hospital after the accident he had of falling of the roof of his house. He doesn’t remember what his name is, who his family members are or what he was doing before he fell off the roof. He feels confused and when the doctor comes in he tells everyone that he has a dislocated shoulder and amnesia. After that Chase starts having flashbacks. The first flashback he has is about a little…show more content…
So Chase tries to bond with her while making the video but she doesn’t want to bond with him. Because when he was a bully he put a cherry bomb in the piano in the presentation, the person playing the piano was Shoshanna’s brother Joel. Her brother was sent to a different school because her parents felt that that school was not a good school for him to be in since he was getting picked on daily. Then when Shoshanna’s parents figured that she was partners with Chase, they didn’t like that they were partners with each other because Chase was responsible for Joel going to a different school. She then convinces her parents to have Joel come back to the school. So then he goes back to the school and then Joel sees Chase after he joins the video club and he feels like he is going to picked on again. When Joel comes up to Chase, Chase tells him he doesn’t recognize him and that proves to Joel that he has amnesia but he still hates Chase. So Chase tries to be friends with
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