Reflective Essay On Rhetoric Analysis And Writing Skills

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Reflection Essay I was excited when I learnt that part of my course work this semester is English 1301, a writing class. I am aware that there are specific writing requirements for academic writing for college level work. I was concerned about my ability as a foreigner to fulfill the academic writing standards for college level assignments. This class promises to teach me how to meet the writing standards for this level of study. The course outline indicates that at the end of the course, I will acquire critical reading, rhetoric analysis and writing skills. I believe that at the end of this class, I will be able to conduct critical analysis of reading material and present elaborate rhetorical analyses. I look forward to applying the skills and techniques I will learn in English 1301 to my writing during the course of my college studies.…show more content…
I have spent most of my student life assuming that since I fluently spoke English back home and had the ability to understand different circumstances I did not realize that writing was a part of it obviously, I thought I did not need to study it as I would a foreign language like Chinese or French, but it was a whole lot different thing when I get in here two years ago. On enrolling as a freshman, I immediately realized that I would need more language skills, especially reading and writing skills. I understand that I have to learn how to use the language effectively because the bulk of my course work require reading, research, analysis, and writing skills. English 1301 class affords me a timely opportunity to acquire proper writing skills at the beginning of my college education. The class will prepare me effectively for academic scholarship, to fulfill my future career being a doctor, and, everything that I am going to do in
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