Reflective Essay On Rhetorical Analysis And Position

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The two essays I chose to revise were my rhetorical analysis and my position essay. I chose the rhetorical analysis for the polished revision and the position essay for the strategic revision. I chose both of these works because I thought they were two that could be most improved upon and would then be my best work from this course. I think my rhetorical analysis was the most enjoyable essay for me to write, and the one I put the most effort into, although it did have some flaws. Because of this, I didn’t make any major changes to it, just a few changes to make it more sharper and flow better. First, I fixed all of the punctual and grammatical errors I made. The biggest revision I made to the analysis was decreasing the size of the quotes I used. There were several instances where I quoted almost entire paragraphs. Although at the time I thought this added important evidence, now I see that most of it was unnecessary and distracted from the point I was trying to make. I think writing and revising this essay taught me a lot about making claims and providing sufficient evidence to support them. After making these changes, I think the analysis is more focused and condensed than it was originally.…show more content…
I think the main problem I had was not believing in the thesis I chose and not picking a better one. Since I left this piece unfinished, there was a lot to be improved on it. There was only an introduction, so I did my best to add the remaining parts of it. This included writing support for my thesis and providing sources to do this. This revision was more difficult than the polished revision since I had to basically write an entire essay from the

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