Reflective Essay On Ruth Anne Bone

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Home through a Different Lense
In my lifetime, home has been a sanctuary of safety, warmth, and stability, where one learns and grows, loves and is loved, and feels the most content. For Ruth Anne, Bone, from Dorothy Allison’s novel Bastard out of Carolina, home is much more hostile. From being tortured and abused by her step dad Glen to being forgotten about by her own mother, Bone has learned home is far from a source of love. I have always viewed home and family as a site of love and safety, but the experiences of Bone have tested this notion; her story has opened my eyes to the difficulties some encounter behind closed doors.
Since the day I was born, my family has immersed me in an abundance of unconditional love and care. From unforgettable birthday celebrations to the opportunities offered, my family has enabled me to have the greatest life possible. Because of my experiences, I have possessed the connotation that all families love; all families care. When I began reading Bastard out of Carolina, the love surrounding Bone was evident but slowly faded. Bone transforms into a child who begs to be wanted; who begs for
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My family has raised me in a safe environment enabling me to feel I have a place in the world. Although I have never experienced abuse first hand, I have witnessed the effect that lack of safety has on a child. My friend was once abused to the point where she had to wear long sleeves in summer to hide her wounds. She blamed herself and did not feel wanted; she is comparable to Bone who constantly blames herself and states variations of “‘I made him mad’”(Allison 247). Bone lives in a war zone, a place of broken hearts and bones, a place of constant fear. A life where safety is neglected is arduous to imagine, but the experiences of Bone and my friend have revised my ideals of a safe home for
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