Personal Reflection On My Weaknesses

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My feelings about taking the self-assessment are that it’s a real eye opener for people like me who are very confident. This gave me a chance to step back and really examine the real characteristics I have and what level I am on with characteristics. I learned that some of the areas where I thought I was strong; I am actually weaker; especially looking at my life as husband and father. In the assessment my weaknesses included: planning, money management, organization, curiosity, and writing. I noticed common themes in my weaknesses, for instance planning, money management, and organization go hand in hand. In my case, these three have to work together to be more effective. The professor said one of the first things she says to students is, "the good news is, we're a writing-based program. That means no test. The bad news is where a writing-based program. That means you'll be writing" (Bethel University. 2014). I don't consider myself a very good writer, knowing this is a writing-based program, that's one of the weaknesses I am currently sharpening.…show more content…
My strengths tell me that I have the tools to work on my weaknesses. In life, my skills of getting along with diverse groups and communicating with people effectively have benefited me in getting jobs and having favor with supervisors. I plan to build my weaknesses by initially putting my strengths to use. I plan to examine myself daily and let my wife keep my accountable for my actions to help me better myself every day.
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