Self Reflection And Self Assessment

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Individual reflective essay The purpose of this essay is to deliver the self-reflection and self-assessment based on my performance as a leader and a member when working in a team. I would focus on the working team issues, together with the strength and weakness of group performance, and also include some solutions for our problem. Due to the requirement of my lecturer, we had to form a group by choosing a number randomly with the aim of giving us the real situation of group work in the real life. That is to say, I had to work with people who I might not talk to before, which may bring some difficulties. Fortunately, all of my fellows tried to create an open environment by talking and getting more closed to each other not only in the group…show more content…
Unfortunately, two of group members were not responsible enough to do their tasks on time. It is obvious that in group work, one having problem can easily affect the goals of a group. As a leader, to deal with this problem, I tried to urge them with a constructive and positive manner. Since we have a lot of assignments together with this group task, I know that if I gave them the negative attitude, I would break the comfortable working environment. Furthermore, if needed, I also helped them complete the work by giving some directions to solve out the tasks and finding information to support them. In the last minute, there was still one member having trouble in completing his part. We had to have a group meeting immediately so that other members can together work out his tasks. Personally, I think one of the biggest motivation making all members take care of each other performance is that marks will be given based on the performance of all members in a group. In terms of weakness in performing as a leader and a member of group, time management is considered as one of my biggest problems. As I have mentioned, we are assigned many work and we all have to guarantee to meet all the deadlines. When I failed to balance all the tasks, I had to put more efforts and time to catch up with the deadlines. Additionally, as a leader, I know that I have to show my responsibility and good performance in order to set a good example to my group members. Also, to become a good leader of others, I have to become a leader of myself

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