Reflective Essay On Service Learning

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Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed service learning. It was surprising for me, because I initially expected that I would not like the experience. Being a shy introvert (and kind of socially awkward), I find it hard to connect with new people. I tend to become really nervous whenever I need to interact with strangers. That’s why the idea of talking in front of a class (composed of students I don’t know personally) was really overwhelming for me. The day before the first session, I was really scared and worried. I felt that I was still not prepared despite reading the modules repeatedly. I was like, “What if I stutter and forget what I need to say?” “What if they make fun of me?” But during the first session, the odds were in my favor when Benny joined our group. We divided the class into four small groups, and thankfully since there were five of us I got paired with Fret. Having a partner really helped me because I wasn’t the only center of interest for the students. Fret and I supported each other. When one of us seemed to be having trouble explaining the material, the other would come to the rescue and continue explaining it. During the first few activities, I was still being self-conscious and really nervous that I was just translating the modules to them and did not really share anything about my experiences, unlike Fret, she kept on relating the discussion with some of her experiences. But once I got the hang of it, words just freely came out of mouth and I was able

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