Reflective Essay On Social Class

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Today, social class is a crucial factor in various aspects of everyday life. From the time you are born, into your parent’s social class, to developing into your own, you must decide how it affects you. You can either let it determine who you are as a person, or you can define your wealth with your personality. “Better is the poor who walks in his integrity. Than one perverse in his ways, though he be rich.”-Proverbs 28:6 December 25th, 2013- It was Christmas morning and I could feel the faint tugging on my toes, and the voice of my six-year-old brother Caden yelling, “Sis, Santa came!”. He patiently waited at the end of my bed for me to climb out and tread down the two flights of stairs. The first thing my eyes laid upon were the precisely wrapped presents under the tree. Then, panning over to the stuffed Santa baskets, filled to the brim with stocking stuffers. The baskets were always one of my favorite things to open on holidays. Looking back, most of the Christmas that year was a blur, but one thing I do remember was my favorite present. I unwrapped the bulky gift, and noticed the brown shoe box. I sliced open the tape, as my mom stood nearby with her camera, anticipating the opening of the box. Violet boots, my favorite color, that look just like real Uggs! I could not wait to wear them to Christmas dinner, my friend’s house, on New Year’s Eve, and to school the first day back. I was in love with them. Walking off the bus, and into the school gym, I was very careful

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