The Importance Of Integrity In The Classroom

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I have been using the distance learning at Brescia for five years so I am very comfortable with it. I have found it easy to use and I don’t feel like my education is lacking due to the fact that I am not on site. I actually find in many cases it is easier to concentrate on what professors are saying without the added distractions of being in a classroom. I did attend St. Cloud State University for one year right after I graduated high school and I often found myself distracted, with the online classrooms however I do not run into this problem. I was always set on the idea of getting my Master’s for social work. I am one of those people that strives to be all that they can and I didn’t want to stop my education with just my Bachelor’s. The…show more content…
I believe very strongly in acting in a trustworthy manner at all times. I think that to not have integrity is very detrimental not just from a social work standpoint but to any aspect of someone 's life. However when it comes to social work it is essential. We are working with clients to change their lives and if they can’t trust us they will not get what they need out of the services and there is a high chance that they will discontinue services. I also believe that integrity does not just relate to our own personal integrity but the integrity of the agency. I think it is our job to protect that integrity and to report if we see any type of unethical practice…show more content…
A male client was showing a little too much interest in me and I was aware of it but I was not sure how to resolve it in a way that made it clear it was not appropriate but also in a way that did not upset the client. I talked with both my supervisor and with other staff at the agency. I got great advice from my supervisor on how to set and maintain proper boundaries with clients from the start, as well as how to diffuse a situation like mine. I talked with staff who were currently working with the client and they gave me great advice on how to make it clear to him it was not appropriate. In my situation it turned out really well. The client came to realize that he was stepping over some boundaries but he was not offended or angry about it. I worked with him for about a week after the situation was resolved and I have seen him a few times at the current program I am at and he has been friendly but appropriately so. I am not worried about managing my time for this program because I have been doing a great job of managing time in my current practicum experience. I am still working part time at my current job but I have made it clear that school comes first and that I need to set time aside to do my practicum as well as have time to do my school work. I also make sure to make time for myself so I do not become overwhelmed. For this program I plan on doing the same
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