Reflective Essay: My Pursuit Of Success

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For the past three years I have dedicated myself to my education, making sure to attend every lecture regardless of the weather, my health, or my ever growing exhaustion level. I have become consumed with the concept of success, and failure is just not an option. Although things have not always been this way for me personally. I am passionate about school because I discovered social work, a blessing in disguise.
My first semester of college I enrolled in a community college with my major listed as “General studies” because it sounds better than “Undecided.” I was straight out of a high school of less than 400 students and I was utterly clueless, and at the end of the semester my GPA reflected it. I knew that I would never succeed unless I
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For years I put all this behind me, I pushed cps out of my mind and caseworkers and social workers did not even exist in my world, that is until college. As I was searching through the list of majors offered at a nearby university I happened upon the “Social work” tab, I almost kept scrolling and avoided it completely, but I’m glad I did not.
In my life I had always seen social work strictly as cps, more specifically the removal of children in cps. I was ignorant and did not realize the entire spectrum that social work is on and the vital role they play in communities, the more I begin studying and learning about the field the more I fell in love with it. I feel that my experiences will both help and hinder me, in a sense I have a deep understanding of what many people whom will need a social worker are going through, but because of this I will also have a harder time ensuring I do not over relate than some of my fellow classmates will.
I have not made a decision on what branch of Social Work I actually want to go into, as of right now I am open to anything. Although I have already decided that as soon as I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree I will apply for graduate school to obtain my Master’s
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