Reflective Essay On Summer Ventures

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Summer Ventures was a huge honor for me, as I was the only student to represent D.H. Conley. I also was able to gain valuable experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten to if it weren 't for the program. This program really allowed me to be able to research a topic of my interest and conduct studies on our experiment. The experience of meeting students my age from all over the state, with the same interests as me, really helped me quickly make friends with new people in just a couple of days. The sheer amount of information that I was able to learn and the amount of independent research time I got was incredible. I was able to work with chemicals and organisms I never would have imagined to be able to get access to. I was also able to gain the…show more content…
I also believe that I will enjoy learning about mathematics and other various subjects provided, and I will be able to share my experiences to my fellow peers. I think that this program is designed for me, because I love learning new concepts, and I love being challenged to think outside the norm. I also am very responsible and hardworking therefore I believe that I can gain more skills through this summer program. I am a type of person that can’t be just sitting around, and I love being involved whether it be something new or something I’ve already covered. I also love meeting new people and I think that meeting new people especially geared towards my interests, make it even more exciting! I have had the opportunity to participate in a four week long residential summer program, Summer Ventures, and I was able to gain a valuable experience of living without my parents and community members. I think that this experience has really helped me be more prepared for college and it has also helped me realize the sense of responsibility that I need to have, in order to look after myself. Furthermore, I have become extremely independent and I have definitely gained more skills like time management and
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