Reflective Essay On Team Performance

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This is my second reflective essay. I will be sharing with you my team performance based on the insight, application and implication I gained. Insight Motivation is an internal process that determines the efforts the person make to achieve a goal. It is determined by the level of effort, direction and persistence. People are motivated by internal, social, and organizational factors. In term of an internal factor, people feel motivated when they can fulfill their physiological and psychological needs if they achieve the goal. In term of social factor, people will become motivated when they are seeing the link between effort and outcome, perceiving justice or facing the challenge. In term of organization factors, people’s motivation increased…show more content…
Sometimes, people are motivated by the rewards, challenges, or a specific behaviour. Thus, I will be looking for which factors motivated them the most and emphasizing the motivation for them. For example, when people are looking for the higher job position, I will be motivating him by telling him that he would have a chance to get the position he wants if he performs well in the team. Moreover, people who have low motivation because they may see the team goal are different from the goal they want to achieve. In this case, I will be helping the member to see the connection between the team goal and his persoanl goal. Since the person see the connection, it will be motivating him because he knows that he is able to achieve his goal while also assisting the team to succeed. In addition, the low motivation maybe resulted by the time people spend on achieving the goal. People may lose their patience or forget their goal since they had spend a lot of time and still not achieve it. If the people are still motivated but poorly, I will be emphasizing the importance of the goal to remind and motivated them. Emphasizing the importance of the goal will help member to generate more motivation and it help them to foucs on

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