Reflective Essay On Thanksgiving Break

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Thanksgiving Break

I woke up inside my college dorm bathroom, the only light that was filtering was through the filmy windows high above the showers. I was also alone, tried opening the door, only to find out I was trapped. Then I realized that it’s the first morning of Thanksgiving Break, and since the dorms were cleared out and locked, I’m stuck for the next four days. I usually have my phone with me at all times but this time i didn't realize I had left it in my roommate's bed and I wished I knew how I ended up sleeping in the restroom. The college I attend has a rule where you have to live on campus for the first three years of schooling. Finding out I'm on thanksgiving break and locked in the bathroom I am thinking about redoing the bathroom and showering every 6 hours because I'm here for the
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As I looked out the window there was still people moving out there things out of their dorm and as I blinked I noticed that my roommate was helping the other student with his clothes and books. I thought to myself how awesome they're going to enjoy their thanksgiving break. I was steady checking the window to see if anybody would turn and look in the shower, but I guess it wasn't making people realize I was there or somebody to acknowledge me here but instead it was empty and depressing outside. I would look around and only see the lonely park where everybody goes to read, that really made me think about life and all the situations i'm in and had going on. It was getting dark outside so I decided I could use a hot shower. SInce there was nothing else to do. I took about a 30-40 minute shower can't really calculate it because I didn't have my phone or anything. The fact that I didn’t have my phone really sucked because I'm the person to shower with music and makes time pass by

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