Reflective Essay On The American Dream

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James Truslow Adams once referred to the American Dream as being a social order in which every man, woman, and child were granted an innate ability to be great. That your individual greatness didn’t come from which family you were born into or what you possessed. Your greatness came from your god given right to be able to become the best you that you could be. In todays world I personally believe this to still hold true. But, I don’t believe the majority of the human population does. With the rise of technology, having the latest IPhone is almost more important than that persons personality. Brand name clothes and how many square feet of house you own is more important to some parents than their children themselves. I know that Adams’ definition of the American Dream still holds true in some, but not many. It has always been a wish of mine to be able to time travel. If I had the opportunity, I would travel to an era when people had a simpler way of thinking. When society still thought…show more content…
Those less fortunate. Those who don’t have the same freedoms as we do. This is a great way of viewing and understanding what exactly the dream is all about. “the American freedom to create your own identity. I think that 's uniquely American. In no other country do you have that opportunity. It 's not to say that everything will happen fairly and the way that you want. But I think that this is a country where that opportunity—to be as wild as you want, as generous as you want, as crazy as you want, as artistic as you want, that all of that, the whole range—exists. And we have a Constitution, a tradition, a culture that supports that.” Amy Tan, Academy of Achievement. This statement is so very honest. It is something that many Americans take for granted though. We as Americans just need to remember that we live in the land of the free. No one else gets that
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