Diversity And Synthesis Essay: The Beloved Community

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The beloved community is a community where all individuals are loved, supported and heard. Usually we like to talk about the aspects that brings a community together such as unity, but where there is community there also lies a form of bias. Within this bias certain individuals never get the chance to pose their ideas, have their voices heard, or shut down at the quickest possible moment because they wear their pants too low, weren’t fortunate to provide themselves with the same education, or simply don’t look the part. The community can’t stand in unity if people only pay homage to certain mindsets, skillsets, and personas. In my belief the beloved community needs to abide by the root of the word community; common unity. First, the borders of communities and neighborhoods must be open and able to engage strangers who are brought into the structure and culture of the community. Diversity…show more content…
I believe a good community is one that views its residents as an assets, and the residents in return view the community as an asset. Having a sense of community means individuals coming to together to fit the bigger picture, taking care of one another, providing resources for each other to grow, and the allowing the residents to give back to the community in that way. Everyone must have a voice; it is crucial that everyone has a voice because with unity everyone’s opinions count. Granted some decisions may hold value than others, but it just helps to let someone discuss the ideas they have even though it may be illogical. Providing mentorship programs, educational feeder solutions, and neighborhood thinking sessions could lead to change in a big way, while bringing the commoners that reside in such community together to focus on the bigger picture. As I’ve stated before the beloved community is that in which the individual puts group above self; it’s all about the root of the word “common
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