Personal Narrative: My Declaration Of Independence

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People have certain rights that cannot be taken away. This was written in our Declaration of Independence. This means everyone is equal regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or gender. No one person is exempt from these rights. It was the end of my sixth grade year and the beginning of my life as a seventh grader. My brothers and I, as per my father 's wishes, were to start not only a new school year but to start a life with his family and him. We slept on the floor, which I found kind of strange since the other kids slept on beds. The nights were bitterly cold in a house we knew nothing of. We didn 't have blankets to keep warm, so we improvised using jackets. We had to ask for permission to even the smallest of things. We weren 't…show more content…
My brothers and I felt hunger and pain from sleeping on the hardwood floor. We waited for my father to arrive and take us with him, yet he never came. Before I knew it, Halloween was just around the corner. Esther, the other kids that lived in the house, my brothers, and I went shopping for costumes. The other kids were allowed to select the best costumes while we got nothing. Esther said it was because we didn 't deserve it. My brothers and I returned more belittled than ever before. From that day on, my brothers and I tried our hardest to deserve the same things the other kids were entitled to have. We worked hard until Christmas, yet we received nothing because we were just guests and worthless in their eyes. Everyone was so elated and full of pure bliss, except us. I was so enraged by their actions I yelled to her “Why won 't you just love us, we are your grandchildren too? Why won 't you be our grandmother?” our Aunt Melissa smirked and scoffed. Then Esther said calmly yet sharply “You three think you 're so special. Your mom doesn 't love you. Your dad doesn 't love you. Your mom only stayed because she wanted to use you for your money. You all are nothing and will never be anything but weak pathetic animals.” My heart was filled with hatred and anger. It felt heavy like an anchor on an enormous ship that couldn 't be lifted. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”
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