EDP Reflection

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At the beginning of the EDP class, I thought I would be the low contributor in my group as my English was not that good compare to other group members, that’s why I thought I had to put more effort into the take that I will be given by the lecture. I have terrible presentation skill, it really stresses in front of other people and I am so sure it might affect my group presentation performance.
As I mentioned before, I thought I would be low contributor in my group, but it face it was totally different. From the begging of the EDP project to the end of the EDP project, I had done pretty much more than other group members, because my group members were quite inefficient in doing the tasks or sometime just roughly done. Personally I’m not allowed
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Moving on, when we started planning our hotel she took over the design, product, staffing and origination chart, it was a lot of work for her, but she refused other group member to help. Couple weeks ago when the unit leader checking the work in the class, she couldn’t prove what she had done as she didn’t do anything, and when the unit leader ask her who is doing the design with you, she responded him that she is doing with me, but I completely didn’t know that I am also responsible for the design as I am doing all the finance part. And it turned out that she push the task to me even thought I had to deal with my finance already. Not only that, the staffing and organization chart had hug mistakes, but she didn’t even bother to adjust the mistakes, but asked me to do it for her instead. Then I had to re-do all her work for entire night because she didn’t want to do it. But after the first evaluation sheet, she finally started taking the responsibility and helping the final report a
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