Reflective Essay On The French Revolution

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Tagoylo, Ahnjecah L.
Mr. Roderico Dumaug Jr.
The French Revolution Reflective Essay Years before the French Revolution in 1789, the church and the nobles are governing France. With the influence of the Enlightenment, like the fundamental rights, freedom, a ruler’s limited power and the majority of the people began to crave for power. King Louis XVI the King of France from 1774-92 and he was just 20 years old when he ruled France who was in great debt and the King was forced to convene the Estates General. The Estates General was composed of three classes: the church, the nobles and the other rest that completes the body. King Louis XVI missed a lot of traits of a successful ruler especially in an agitated situation yet he is sincerely concerned to the good of his people but he can be influenced easily, very uncertain to his decisions, and he lacked the force in supporting the reforming ministers from his family, his wife, and the privilege sectors’ hostility which their positions was in danger because of change. King
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It strengthen Nationalism in France and everywhere and a new leader comes into place and becomes apart of the European history as one of the great dictators. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity as the ideals of the French Revolution had spread everywhere but the Revolution itself was bloody and for sure was gruesome in real life than in the film. If revolutions would go wrong, it would cause the military to be engaged in mutiny and a leader would rise up and will be the general of the republic after which the army is united. This is why afterwards; dictatorship of the military is likely to happen. If leaders were also had become substantially abusive, must know that they are going to be answerable for their abuse and the fact that if they were not removed by the people then the military will do it
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