Reflective Essay On The Mission Of God

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Briefly write your testimony and how the Lord has been working in your life recently. Although I was raised in a Christian home , I realized when God sent me difficult trials in middle school that simply knowing things about God cannot sustain me. God is good and used those challenging times to make me aware of my need for a personal relationship with Him. My desire to read God’s word grew exponentially and my prayer life deepened in meaning. Since then, my life has not gotten easy…rather it is a daily struggle to put off the old sinful behavior and replace it with Christ-like behavior through the enabling of the Holy Spirit. I have recently been burdened by an increased awareness of my selfishness. I’m afraid that I’ve assumed for far too long that God exists solely for my satisfaction, my salvation, my peace, my hope, etc. I’ve found that when I think that I’m the point, I begrudgingly submit to God, which has robbed me of a lot of joy. By the Lord’s grace, He led me to a Matt Chandler sermon entitled “The Mission of God” where he lists biblical texts to show God’s passion for His own glory. I saw that in passages like Isaiah 48:9-11, Ephesians 1:5-6, and Isaiah 43:6-7 that God’s mission is His own glory. He exists for the glorification of Himself and somehow He decided that creating mankind would bring Himself glory, and that’s where I enter. My purpose, therefore , cannot be my own satisfaction in relationships, ministry opportunities, etc.,but rather the pursuit

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