Reaction Paper About The Movie Metropolis

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Project 1: Metropolis 1. The move Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang is fantastic and I already appreciate it for its vivid imagery and notable acting, but certain critics have pointed out other aspects of the movie that make me appreciate it even more. Mordaunt Hall of The New York Times writes that "about 37,000 extras were engaged in some of the episodes.". This fact would be awe inspiring by itself, but Mourdaunt also mentions that "eleven thousand of the men have shaven heads.". I love the fact that the director actually put in the work to get so many extras for his scenes and how much detail was put in to have so many men with shaven heads. I feel the riot scenes when Maria is leading the workers towards the uprising and also the beginning…show more content…
Overall, if I had to give a grade to Metropolis, I would give it an A+. This is because the movie was so ahead of its time and every scene seemed like a piece of art. The set designs were beautiful, such as the visuals of the colosseum where Freder ran in the beginning of the film and also in the Tower of Babylon. Through these scenes, I became immersed in this future world, and I was wishing I could see more about the life of the citizens in metropolis. The film also had great themes that set the framework for future movies such as Blade Runner, according to Kenneth Turan. Finally, I thought the acting was amazing, especially by Brigitte Helm. I do not know how any other actress could have portrayed Maria and the machine Maria any better. I liked the dramatic styles of the actors because it added to the drama of the plot. This movie did not have any glaring flaw and the attention to detail from the director, Fritz Lang, allowed the movie to be so great, such as how the workers who had been working walked slower than the fresh workers in the beginning of the film, as pointed out by Mordaunt Hall. Metropolis will probably always be remembered and watched for its awesome sets, memorable themes, outstanding acting, and its influence on the genre of science fiction as a
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