Reflective Essay On The Old Man And The Sea

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Eric Chen
Mr. Todd
Language and Literature, E8, Reflective Essay
23 March, 2018
“The Old Man and the Sea” Reflective Essay “The Old Man and the Sea” is a story of an old man named Santiago who goes out into the sea to catch the greatest fish he had ever seen in his life. Sadly, at the end of the story, the old man was defeated by his own pride and lost the fish to sharks. During the story, when the old man’s hand was cut, it was like Jesus’ hand being nailed to the cross. When the old man confronted the last wave of the shovel-nosed sharks, he let out a cry just like when Jesus was nailed to the cross. When he lay on his bed, he spread his arms out just like the position Jesus was on the cross. Hemingway compares the old man, Santiago, to Jesus Christ through crucifixion imagery.
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When the tourists were visiting the Terrace, a restaurant, one of them asked the waiter what the carcass of the huge fish was. The waiter said that the fish was a Tiburon, which in English, means a shark. The tourists’ reaction was, “I didn 't know sharks had such handsome, beautifully formed tails.” (Hemingway, 92). Both the waiter and the tourists don 't understand a lot about fishing and believe that a giant carcass should be a shark. The tourists and the waiter didn 't know how much pain and suffering the fisherman responsible for the carcass went through. The sharks were actually the enemy and the ones that defeated the old man for the marlin. This gave me a negative reaction towards the ignorant waiter and
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