The Pearl By John Steinbeck Reflection

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The novel, called The Pearl, is written by John Steinbeck. I started to read this book in language art class. I’ve learnt a lot of things by reading this book. One of the things that I’ve learnt is that people get weak in front of the things that they want to have or the things that is prohibitively expensive and precious. In this book, weaknesses of human beings are well presented. The doctor, the pearl buyers, and Kino showed the weakness in front of the great pearl. Kino, a man who found the pearl, is the person who changed the most and a person who knew that he had a wrong decision, which was to keep the pearl. When Kino has found the pearl, he thought everything that he can do to his family. In the novel, Kino said, “We will be married-in…show more content…
When Coyotitio was stung by scorpion, the doctor didn’t care and refused to take a treatment because he knew that they didn’t have money. When the servant said that a scorpion stung an Indian baby, he said, “Have I nothing better to do than cure insect bites for ‘little Indians’? I’m a doctor, not a veterinary.” This shows that the doctor is not working for people, but working for his fortune and very luxurious life, which doctors shouldn’t do. The word “little Indians” means that he doesn’t care about poor Indians. After, he changed his mind when he has heard that Kino has found a Great Pearl. He has visited Kino to treat Coyotito because he wanted to have the Pearl. The doctor’s behavior is so wrong. We can know that he went to visit Kino because of the Pearl because it is unusual for him to visit Indians. Especially taking a treatment for the Indians is the most unusual things. Start from the appearance of the Pearl, many people in the town has got very greedy and violent. Kino has lost his emotions to keep the Pearl and he has also lost his most precious things. The pearl buyers also got outrageous. We can know that because they tried to kill Kino. The doctor, the greedy person didn’t care about Coyotitio until Kino has found the Great
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