Reflective Essay On The Scarlett Letter

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Hunt, Azshanay
Mr. Corfman
English 11, Period 1
4 December 2015
Scarlett Letter Essay When reading the novel The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne I found that not everyone is righteous and almighty. When regarding religion it’s not a yellow brick road you can .just follow, you are eventually going to wonder off and stumble, but it’s up to you to repent. The point this novel brought to me was that we are the main cause of our pain. We place guilt upon ourselves and we end up going crazy over it, so it’s up to us to forgive ourselves. Regarding Chillingworth’s “revenge”, I find that the reason he chose to torture Hester and Dimmesdale rather than just letting everyone know that he was Hester’s husband was because he felt hurt and betrayed and I believe he wanted Hester and Dimmesdale to feel as much hurt as he did. When thinking of justice this implies to take that action into our own hands and do with it what you will. Get an eye for an eye. In this case, justice and evil go hand and hand. Chillingworth is so bent on getting his revenge/justice that he is blinded by all the evil he is doing. The function of the physical setting is to show how outdated thing was. The relationship between the book’s events and the locations in which these events takes place are that just about everything had to be a secret or had to be hidden from everyone. The events that occurred in the forest could of happened in town if Dimmesdale wasn’t so scared of saying Pearl was his daughter.

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