Reflective Essay On The Trinity

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Trinity is the distinctive doctrine which is heart of Christian faith. It is simply another word for—God.The Trinity is “one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” It is what Christians worship,as the ancient hymn Te Deum asserts:
Throughout the world the holy church acclaims you;
Father,of majesty unbounded.
Your true and only son,worthy of all worship,
And the holy spirit,advocate and guide.
The word Trinity has been an appealing name to me since my childhood. Perhaps, my brought up in a spiritual family is a reason although I admit that my knowledge of Trinity was rather little when in my twenties, I named my spoken English and Music Institute, Trinity Institute of Spoken English & Music. I became seriously intrigued with the richness of the doctrine of the Trinity as I took over the responsibility of the Church started by my dad late Rev.Kambham Vedanayakam in 2007. The twists and turns through which the Triune God migrated from the center to the periphery of Christian consciousness and back to the center again make a fascinating story of the Triune God. In this paper, I would like to present the richness of the doctrine of Trinity as the Lord guides
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The effort to reconcile unity and plurality in God is not a matter of solving a mathematical conundrum or a metaphysical puzzle of how one is three and three is one. However, what would one expect when one tries to give a definition of God? Something exactly like the mystery of the Trinity should emerge; otherwise God would not be God. How can the finite comprehend the infinite? How can the created understand the Creator? If the human mind can successfully comprehend God, would that not mean that the human mind was greater than God? If any definition of God looses the element of mystery, can it be a true
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