Reflective Essay On Turkish Culture

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Since in a few months I will be heading back to Turkey, it’s time to start reviewing important aspects about the Turkish culture. Better understanding the people in Turkey will help me better communicate my needs and requirements the second time around. Pick up a few words prior to arriving, understanding the difference between business and personal etiquette. As an Airfield Manager, I will be working directly with them on anything when the airfield is involved. The first important aspect about the Turkish culture is learning some key words in their language because the language is spoken by 90% of their population (Commisceo Global Consultancy, 2017). By being able to say hello, how you, thank you or your welcome in their language goes a long way when building a relationship and will make the experience more enjoyable. Incirlik Air Base, is controlled by the Turkish government, American’s are simply just visitors that maintain it. So, by knowing some key phrases can display that you respect, care about them and that you are opened to their culture. Majority of the Turkish Air Force either speak no English or knows a few phrases. Recently, I had one of my Turkish workers from the past, contact me on Facebook to say hello and that he is excited for me to return. I simply stated hello, “Merhaba” and then messaged the rest in English. It’s the little things that makes a relationship last. It’s been three years since I worked with this man and it meant a lot to me

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