Reflective Essay On What I Learned From The Crucible

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My experiences in English three so far have been very satisfying. I learned many things that I wouldn’t have if I had taken a different class or had another teacher. I learned a lot of morals from stories or movies watched like “Goodnight and Good Luck.” I learned from “The Crucible” that doing the right thing doesn’t always involve being truthful in certain circumstances if you care about someone and want to keep them safe. For example, when Elizabeth had to choose between telling the judge that her husband was unfaithful to her by having an affair with Abigail Williams, or lying to save him from judgment by the town and everyone in the courtroom. Elizabeth did what was right in her heart and she lied, saying that nothing happened between John Proctor (her husband) and…show more content…
I am really good with grammar and easy stuff like nouns and pronouns and FANBOYS, but when it comes to the ACT, it becomes really difficult. I wasn’t very confident when I was taking the practice test, and I did really bad on the actual test. I know that it hurt my grade, but I can only hope for the best now, and do everything I possibly can to fix it.

My favorite story would most likely be “The Crucible” because I could actually understand what was going on most of the time. I loved the plot and how all the characters fell together in the story. I was very upset with the ending because after everything that happened, John Proctor should have been proved innocent. I had very mixed emotions with the way the story unfolded and how hard it was on Elizabeth. This story was my all-time favorite because it meant something to not only the characters, but also to the readers.

The only thing I would have changed about this class would be the way it was taught. I have never liked using computers all the time. I am a more old fashioned person when it comes to school. Technology is okay, but I would rather have packet after packet of worksheets
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