Reflective Essay On Who I Am I

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Reflective essay

The reason I am who I am is obviously from my origin. My tribe is one of the strongest ethnic groups in the Arab world. However, I choose to believe the reason I am who I am comes from nurture. I was always raised and treated in good Muslim household when I was a child, my parents always insured a healthy and stable life and education that I can have. I studied five years in China, in an international school in the Fijian province. Those five years had the largest impact on my life so far. I was living a completely different life, and getting use to a completely different culture. It’s true they’re both in the same continent, however they have different lifestyles.
When I was in Saudi Arabia from the period I was born till 10 years old, I was a different person completely. I was terrible in school work and I was a bully. It was one of the worst experience in my life, because being a bully is just cruel. When I first moved to china,
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The reason I tried that, was because 9th grade was my last year in China, so I wanted to live up to the most. I even broke a record in a stamina test in physical education, the test was called “pacer test”. which ultimately bases on stamina and the way it measures your ability in stamina was to make you run 50 feet and back in a certain time. And every time you ran 50 feet it would count one, however the tricky part was that it would shorten the time length for each 50 feet you ran, and those were called levels. The first time I tried the pacer test I had a score of 19 in 6th grade, but the last time I had the pacer test in 9th grade I had a score of 100. no one believed my score including myself. I was also a chairman in the model united nations in my school’s conference which was one of the happiest moments of my life. Overall I had some ups and downs in 9th grade, however I can easily say it was the best year of my
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