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My job at the foodlion grocery store in Roebuck was an unenjoyable working experience to say the least. When I first began working at Foodlion the job was fun and I enjoyed it but as time went on it got worse and worse. As time went on the longer I worked there the more disrespectful my co-workers and supervisors got. My co-workers began to be more disrespectful to me talking about me behind my back and making fun of everyone. My supervisors did not care at all about what was going on during the shift like the bullying that went on there. I was also not happy with my pay with what my job duties were. Along with my co-workers and supervisors being disrespectful behind my back the hourly pay rate was not enough for the duties the job entitled to. The work hours and crazy schedule was also a point of the job that I really did not like as I always worked late at night and hardly got any sleep. As I originally stated my work experience at Foodlion was not an enjoyable experience at all. When I first began my job at foodlion the store was fun the people were great and it was a fun job. As time passed it began to get worse. Due to co-workers…show more content…
I would work late nights and have to be in at 7am the next morning with little sleep. The store closed at 11 and they would always schedule the same people to open the store after closing the night before. One week you would get lots of hours and the next the supervisors would schedule you to work two 4 hours shifts and have no hours. While working there depending on that job for my car payment and my monthly bills and having a non-consistent schedule, it was always a big stress issue. Along with school with studying and homework on top of that. My work schedule was always stressful and having no sleep on the weekends between late night and early morning shifts. As I had originally stated my time at my job at Foodlion began enjoyable but by the end of it the job was

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