Reflective Essay On World Religion

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Regis University Course: world religion Professor: Bret Lewis Student: Hissen Sadan Idris Actually i did not know what a religion was. At the beginning of this course i just thought that religion is what we do every day in the church, mosque, temples and any other sacred places. The truth was that i understood it the term orally and was not able to put it into words because I had no evidence or proves to depend it. Thanks to the organizers of this course, who made me now at least something small of religion importance? Now religion can be defined as .all the practices that allows human being to categories his or herself in believing in something with the hope that they will be rewarded at end. Religion also cannot be depended on one definition but one thing you need to know in defining religion is to include religious feelings, beliefs and righteousness. What i want to learn more about religion is the relationships between one religions to another. Over the years I have seen most Muslims, Christians and Jews separating themselves from each other. Each group ignores others and yet the three religion have their roots traced back to the father Abraham. History said that Israelites are the chosen people of god but these all other faiths sees themselves as the chosen ones and so this debate affected their relationships so badly. Most human beings needs more time to revisit classes so that they can be corrected in either ways round. According to the trends I saw in reading the
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