Reflective Essay: Principal Honor Roll

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From the time I started school, I always had near-perfect grades and have always been on the Honor Roll, if not the Principal Honor Roll. I believe I have always done well in school because of certain values that I keep. Ever since I was a young child, I have been taught that to get anywhere in life you have to work hard. There have been many times where I thought an assignment was dull and time consuming. However, I always followed every step and never cut corners. Building a hard worker ethic is not hard to do either. If you are having trouble in school you can stay after school and get help from a teacher or a fellow student. If you miss a day of school you can ask a classmate for notes or what the assignment was. Procrastination is one the worst plagues a student can face, especially if you dread the project you have to do. To maintain a hard work ethic all you have to do is focus and keep in mind what is important.…show more content…
Perseverance is an important trait needed to get through high school. During my freshman year, I struggled with Algebra 1. It was the only class I struggled with the first semester or the entire school year. When I found out I had a C in the class I was worried. Nevertheless, I was determined to finish the class with at least a B average. After getting a tutor, getting help after school, and studying harder I accomplished my goal.

The value that every decent human being should have is respect. My family, especially my grandpa, always tells me that respect will take you where money will not. Without respect, it is impossible to form positive relationships. Respect is a simple concept: treat others the way you want to be treated. A bonus is that when you are respectful people are more willing to help you, sometimes even without asking. Always remember that respect is a two-way street and with it you will go
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