Reflective Essay: Running For 9th Class President

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During the beginning of my freshman year, I ran for 9th grade class president. Unfortunately for me, who had just began attending Linden-McKinley STEM 7-12 Academy, I was running against two other girls for president who were both students longer at Linden than I was and who knew more students. Despite having a slight disadvantage over my competitors, I continued to run for president because for the short month I was currently there, I had already made tons of new friends and acquaintances; I was already known around the school by many students and faculty members as a very happy, intelligent, smart, and enthusiastic person; but most importantly, many students and teachers who knew me really believed I had the capacity to bring change to the…show more content…
I took it upon myself to find the person in charge and figure out what was going on. When I finally found an adult who had some info on the matter, Ms. Harmon, she stated, "We didn 't continue with student government because it seemed like anybody was even interested in running in the first place. Also, we really didn 't have the staff that would be interested in helping run the group." That moment I realized I needed to take matters into my own hands and start my own student organization.
In October of my freshman year, myself, a senior named Cyera, and one of our school 's City Year members, Fevean Keflom, came together to form a student-led club we called The College and Career Committee (CCC). We came up with the idea of CCC because we noticed that our school lacked the resources it needed to prepare students for high school and college, clubs were almost non-existent at school, the graduation rate as well as students remaining in college after their 1st year was at an all-time low, and to simply motivate kids to get involved in high school activities and through community service

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