Reflective Essay: The Book March

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The book March was a fantastic book, and I thought that it really showed meaning. This book really showed me what it was like to have no respect or basic rights, and the feeling of fighting for those rights really inspired me. This book has so many outstanding scenes, where many people came together and fought side by side even if they didn’t like each other because it’s what they believed in. (Spoilers)I have to say that this book really impressed me, especially when all of the people fights were just sitting at the counter, even though it said that there were signs saying “we don’t surve coloured people”. I thought that by doing this they would get arrested, but when they were asked to leave they didn’t argue, they stood up and left. For those people to have that kind of restraint to not fight back even when being called horrible things while leaving, that just proves how strong they had to be. This book has a lot of standing up against oppression and to me it was in every scene and part of the book.…show more content…
I could never relate to this topic because I never went through it, or experienced it, but now I am understanding it more, with the start of this book. When I was more little I used to think that every black person didn’t have a great life back then, but what I learned from this book is that what I thought was not true. I now know that they came through some challenges, but that did not stop them from having friends over, and enjoying
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