Reflective Essay: The Change In My Writing

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In all the years I’ve been going to school I have had the most trouble with writing. All of the teachers I’ve had would tell me that I just needed to keep working on my writing any I would see a huge change. That never happened. Whenever I would write it always looked the same to me with no changes. My writing is always fairly choppy I think and I could not figure out how I could smooth it out. Now that I am in college it seems I need to finally try and at least work out a few of the flaws in my writing and try to make it more presentable. This requires me to go out of my comfort zone and I am still not comfortable leaving my zone and use writing techniques I don’t normally use. When writing there are supposed to be a lot of different techniques…show more content…
At first I will admit I didn’t want to change my style at all, and I thought if I did it may change the way I write at work which could potentially get me in trouble. So far though I have been able to keep the two easily separated which I guess I never realized a person could write in completely different styles before this, and even though that seems pretty obvious now when I think of a few authors. The truth is that writing from facts is safe for me. I can write a report and say the same things as someone openly taking about it and I know I have all the facts covered. I guess I thought by having the information right that made it good writing. I still think that’s partially true but it’s not “what” makes good writing. The more I think about my favorite books the more I realize that I don’t like them for the facts and information they present, I like them for the pictures they paint with their emotion and tone and that is what makes something interesting to read. Not the fact that it is right but that it is interesting writing is far more important and just having the facts seems to almost be a weakness in my
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