Reflective Essay: The Concussions That Changed My Life

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The severe concussion I got from basketball in the ninth grade changed my life forever. Although it was a very bad experience in my life, I realized that it changed my perspective of life in a good way and also changed my life goals. It changed my character for the better and shaped me into a better person. Having a concussion is not the impact itself but the shattering of emotional, physical, and social pieces that I had to contend with. Just like any other day, I came back from school and finished my homework. Later in the day I had finished my homework and started to get ready for practice. Once I got to basketball practice we did the same thing we do every day during our preseason. Our coaches always told us to push our limits to get better so I went hard in every drill we did. One of the drills, I went up for a rebound and when I came down, someone had swung their elbow very hard into my head. I felt dizzy for a bit but continued with my practice. After practice finished I noticed I was very tired and was having trouble processing information from people around me. I went home and decided to rest at home. Over the night, I repeatedly got up and…show more content…
Medicine always interested me ever since I was young but now I have a great reason to pursue it. Another reason I decided to pursue medicine was because my grandpa has Alzheimer's and I've always been interested in how I can help him. Since both of these are based off problems with the head, I realized the specific field of medicine I want to go to is neurology. As of today, I have been doing research to figure out how people get Alzheimers and what I can do to help with these patients. I have also shared my experience of my concussion with many people to help them get through something that I once had to. With my terrible experiences, I have learned to turn them into positives and help the community face the hardships I once had
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