Reflective Essay: The Day Offs To Respond

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Yesterday - July 25th, 2016 at 17:41 while I was getting ready to come to the compound, I received a phone call for the Guard named (Hugairah Ashour Hugairah) asking to change his days offs from Fridays and Saturdays to Sundays and Mondays for some family concerns. I wasn’t clear what was the exact reason since this is something belong to shift supervisor. I came to the compound and talked to his acting supervisor Alali, Ahmed about his case, and then we went together to see Hugairah at CAC1’s Sally port.
He start talking about how bad his supervisor Rasoul is treating him, and how he asked him to change his day offs to Sundays and Mondays because he booked an appointment for his father to have a medical surgery and he needs to be with him, but his supervisor is not approving his request. And stated that there are two guards are willing to switch their day offs with him, but Rasul is refusing it purposely. Just to give him a hard time according to what he said. I told him that I can’t see why your supervisor is purposely doing this and he should have a reason preventing him to do so, and I can approve you for two days
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He said no I will not accept any of these solutions and start being angry and not listening to me. And start saying word like (don’t do anything for me, I don’t want it, my supervisor dose favoritism, he takes care of his group only, like Farman got what he wants), I had to cut the conversation and I told him I will do whatever I can. The reason that I withdraw myself from there was a guard with unstable emotionally and about to break crying and has a loaded gun with him. So, I went back with the Acting supervisor Ahmed to his office and I told him to change his day offs to Sunday and Monday to avoid any future problems, to have time to brief the ARSO Jimmy, have the guard clampdown for two days and to make less interaction as possible between the guard and his supervisor for security

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