Reflective Essay: The Effects Of 9/11 Rapidly Impact Lives

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In the past, many problems prevented me from writing excellent papers. Throughout my years of writing in school, the papers I have written for this class have challenged me the most. In the beginning of the semester, I did not fully understand how much time and effort I needed to put forth to write a college essay. My past English classes did not prepare me for writing college-level essays, nor teach me the proper way in which to write the papers. The essays I have written this semester have improved immensely thanks to the feedback from both Mrs. Menetre and Mrs. Fleming. I improved my essays by learning how to manage these three main distractions: friends, surroundings, and technology.
I made mistakes in my first essay, “Improving Myself
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I was not familiar with the computer lab setting, therefore I was uncomfortable while I wrote the paper. I was unable to access my essay after Mrs. Menetre finished grading. She commented on my paper that I had some sentences in passive voice and comma issues (“The Effects of 9/11 Continually Impacts Lives”). If I had not been in an unfamiliar setting surrounded by unfamiliar people, my midterm essay would not have had as many mistakes. I believe that if I had been able to take the midterm at my school, I would have been more…show more content…
I now know the different distractions that cause me to become unfocused and I will be better prepared to handle them in the future. I became a better writer by fixing the mistakes on my papers with the feedback from my teachers. I learned from this class that friends, surroundings, and technology are the three distractions that impacted the way I write my essays. I know now that for me to write a fantastic paper, I need to be by myself, in my home, and away from my phone and
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