Reflective Essay: The Fbi's Core Values

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I constantly demonstrate the FBI’s core values such as compassion, fairness, leadership and respect in a day to day basis. I show compassion because I put other people’s needs before mine. Whenever I see someone upset I try to help them in anyway possible because I have empathy and it naturally comes to me to help them out. When I was younger and my mom would look upset, but she wouldn't tell me why, I still felt upset for her because it would hurt to see her angry. Whenever my friends are in trouble, I am usually the first to try to find out how I can help and tell them that I am there to lean on if they need me. When i'm walking around and see a homeless person I try to give them what little change I have on me, even if that means I won’t…show more content…
I also know that discrimination is not fair, so I set an example by having all types of friends, no matter their color, race, or gender. I do not see a difference between people because at the end of the day, I feel that we are all human beings and should be treated equally. At school, teachers constantly pick me as their team leader whenever a task is being done because they know that I will get the job done and that they can depend on me without worrying about the outcome. Respect is something my parents have always taught me and even though sometimes it is hard to stay quiet, I respect everyone around me and I believe that even though I’m still young, people do respect my ideas because they see that I respect them equally. On a day to day basis, I try to use all the different values that I have learned throughout my life and that is because that’s the kind of person I am and I try my best to learn something new everyday, even though sometimes I may not agree with the ways, I know that at the end, it will help make me a better person. I believe i have many FBI values that i haven't quite discovered about myself but i do know that when i do the training and finish the training i will have learned most of them and the day i start working as an FBI Agent i will learn
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