Reflective Essay: The First Vietnam War

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My chest rose and fell with every heavy breath and beat of my heart; the battle had rendered me exhausted and depleted. I looked down below at the enemy of the century, taking a short moment to gaze upon the man I had just ultimately defeated. The very man who killed his own father and threatened to destroy anything that stood in his way. Kylo Ren.

There was a look of anguish on my face as I hesitated in my actions. Although Luke Skywalker 's lightsaber remained firm in my grasp, there was a uncertainty in the energy of the Force around me. I was unsure; split between two avenues of action and I was conflicted. A sentiment and exuding energy that felt all too familiar. My eyes fell on the sizzling gash that nearly split open your face and I felt nothing but impending guilt. A strike I thought I would feel so proud of quickly turned to haunt me.

"You 're a monster." I thought to myself. Those very same words I had just spoken of Ren only moments ago, suddenly rushing back to me. As I watched you recoiled on the ground, I wondered in this moment as I
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My arms slammed into the planet 's gaping ravine. My fingers clawed at the ground and my boots chafed the fissure 's sides; but the snow made the surface too soft, and I was slowly sliding. "Ahhghh!" I moaned, struggling to pull my lithe self over. Having barely made it onto the other side, my body flailed as it dangled off the gully 's fringe. In a twisted turn of events, I heard the Force call out to me. It was warm, like a hot summers ' breeze gently caressing my skin. I felt its strength hoisting me, slowly, off of death 's peak. But it wasn 't enough. My fingers, deep into the grime of the snow, were beginning to slip. With the grounds splitting around me, little did I know that the very ledge that barely cradled my life was soon about to tatter. In just a fragment of a second, that once soft breeze had turned into an wave of uncertainty. I get suddenly I 'll; the feeling taunting my naive decision to
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