Reflective Essay: The Impact Of Gang Violence On Campus

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After completing the gang assessment, I have found that there is no significant gang problems for my school, however it could still potentially be at risk. I am rarely ever on campus since I take most of my classes online, but I can’t recall seeing any graffiti on Boise State University campus. Either the staff does a really great job of keeping the grounds clean, or there are no gangs that hang out on Boise State campus. I also cannot recall ever seeing hand signs, or anyone wearing what might be considered “gang colors” or jewelry that is gang-related. Boise State does seem to have a bit of a truancy problem though, along with a very low overall graduation rate. There could also be drugs available near Boise State, since students live really close to campus and some students like to party/experiment with drugs. I rarely ever hear about shootings or drive-by shootings near my school, but occasionally will hear about a random assault. I am…show more content…
I often see graffiti on random buildings in downtown Boise, which could be gang-related. Since Idaho law no longer requires a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Idaho is a republican state, and there are many gun owners here, weapons could be prevalent throughout the community. That being said, I don’t think we have as big of a gang problem in our community compared to other communities nearby, such as Nampa. I have heard of people being in gangs in Nampa, Caldwell and Canyon County, and also having tattoos that symbolize they are in a gang. Nampa, Caldwell and Canyon County all a lot of graffiti, and I often hear about shootings on the news that occur there. It does appear as though they have a higher crime rate than Boise, and a significant or acute gang problem overall, which is alarming. Nampa, Caldwell and Canyon County also have a surprising amount of crossed out graffiti, which could indicate gang maneuvering for territory or
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