Reflective Essay: The Loss Of A Rodo Girl

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Something I worked very hard to achieve was winning rodeo queen. I won rodeo queen in 2012, when I was twelve years old. There were a lot of older girls running against me so the chances of me winning were very slim. The other girls had years of experience on me and could sell things easier and faster than I could. Most of the other girls were fifteen or sixteen and so it made it harder for me to try to win simply because they knew more people to sell things to. However, I believe I ended up selling roughly around $7,500 in ticket sales and signs. I went around to different places and sold things to people as they were leaving or I would sell a lot of items to family members and friends.So, I had a hard time trying to win, it helped to improve my character, and it helped my self esteem to win something that was so big to me. It was very hard for me to win because many of the older girls had either ran before or their older siblings or mothers had. There was very few that had as little experience as I did. However, many of them didn’t have near as big of a family as I did or as many family friends. Most of my profits came from either my family or family friends. Most of the things I was selling weren’t expensive, which made it a little harder for me to get very much money. I believe the…show more content…
I had to speak to other people that I didn’t know in order to get more sales. I hadn’t been exactly a social butterfly before that either, I had social anxiety quite bad for a twelve year old. It freaked me out to have to talk to someone I didn’t really know, much less a total stranger. However, it wasn’t too hard to sell things because I was a “natural”, at least that’s what my family said. It also made me polite, considering I was trying to persuade someone to buy something from me, I also had to deal with money, which I really hadn’t done before. So, I had to learn to be social, polite, and learn how to count
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