Reflective Essay: The Rank Of Eagle Scout

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The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest attainable in the Boy Scouts of America and on average only four percent of scouts ever earn this achievement. I’m writing to you all about when I earned mine, fellow classmates, to enable all of you to know me and my values better. I earned my Eagle Scout rank on June 23, 2016, just managing to finish all the necessary requirements and paperwork less than a week before my eighteenth birthday. However, a scout will not be able to receive the Eagle Scout rank if they are unable to complete all the necessary requirements and submit the proper paperwork before they turn eighteen as that is when scouts “age out” of the organization. However, even had I not been able to obtain my Eagle I can still say I learn…show more content…
However, as a scout I was also bound to learn more than a few lessons on everything from morality to good habits and behaviors. Scouting’s foundation is built on a system of instilling youths with useful knowledge and skills while teaching them important lessons, all of which they continue to use throughout their lives. Acquiring that knowledge, those skills, and learning the lessons is very important because the path to earning the Eagle Scout rank is not relaxed or simple. In fact, earning it involved quite a bit of hard work, some of that work involved me participating in projects that focused on helping the community. In addition, while the Boy Scouts of America accepts all faiths and creeds, there are influences of Christianity noticeable in some aspects of the organization as well as opportunities for Christians like me to further practice my beliefs within scouting. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, participating in Boy Scouts taught me how to remain honest in all areas of my life. Without a doubt, putting the necessary effort and time into scouting to advance rank until I achieved Eagle Scout, enabled me to build upon my core personal values including hard work, religion and morality, and

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