Reflective Essay: The Role Of Counseling In Southeastern University

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“But beware of this about callings: they may not lead us where we intended to go or even where we want to go. If we choose to follow, we may have to be willing to let go of the life we already planned and accept whatever is waiting for us. And if the calling is true, though we may not have gone where we intended, we will surely end up where we need to be.” This quote was said by Steve Goodier. This quote is very true because in reality we never really one hundred percent know what exactly we are meant to do because one day we can be a doctor and then the next moment we are a pastor, preaching the word of God to the world. Everyone has a calling from God, but it’s up to the person on whether or not they want to pursue the journey to find the…show more content…
When it comes to preparations I believe that everyone should put it to prayer, that is one of the things that I would be doing and being in Southeastern University is perfect for that because we have the liberty to just pray, pray before classes or after classes, before dinner, or just praying because we are thankful for what God has done for us. Another preparation that should be done is determining if the career path is the right one for me and if that is what God wants me to do because at the moment I am going for a major in graphic design because I believe that through my art, I can spend the word of God and this University is perfect because it is a Christ center one and that everything we do, we do for our Lord and savior. That is why my goals this year is to try out graphic design, to see if this is what God is asking of me or whether it has to do with the passion I have in playing the piano and that my calling might be centered around that, or I might just pick something completely different than what I even thought about becoming because that is what God’s calling is for
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