Reflective Essay: The Salem Witch Trials

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How can we be all so blinded to the obvious truth and talk about justice when the court favours the ones who point their fingers? Evidence was provided time after time by good honest noble men like Giles Corey and John Proctor. They spoke out, just like the girls had but the difference is that the honest ones are locked in a filthy jail cell rotting away while the girls are seen as God’s fingers. The justice of this court will not be served until we all reconsider the beginning of this witch trial.
I came into this town with pride and joy with the thought that my expertise in the invisible world is a blessing on Earth. I carried my books weighted with authority (Act 1, p30) strolled into Mr Parris’ home, delighted to see a child suffering.
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By signing those death warrants without questioning whether the proof is so immaculate no slightest qualm of conscience may doubt it (Act 3, p81), I also signed away my common sense. Do you believe these people are truly guilty of the crime of which they have been accused? Abigail, the girl who you believe to be God’s finger absconded with Mr Parris’ money. Would God choose someone who committed harlotry and someone who broke the commandment Thou shalt not steal (p136)? Excellency, surely her claims and this trial deserve to be re-examined. Human lives are on the line! Have you thought of the unfairness of this court? If the devil lives on such confidence (Act 3, p78), the court is surely the devil or it worships his majesty for believing the girls’ false claims without even requiring a single piece of evidence from them. Giles Corey and John Proctor presented the court with credible and tangible evidence. We examined and hesitated because of their confidence in their evidence. Excellency, are you condemning these innocent souls to death because you believe in your heart that this is the correct thing to do or are you condemning them because if you announce they are indeed innocent the court’s and your reputation and credibility will be ruined? Do you beguile yourself with lies because twelve are already executed (Act 4, p103)? Postponement does not speak a…show more content…
Woman, you lied for him about his lechery to protect his good name. Surely you want to save his life. Is it not as valuable as his reputation? I beg you, woman, prevail upon your husband to confess (Act 4, p106) to this story. God will not judge or damn a liar for saving his most precious gift but he will damn those who throw their lives away. Elizabeth, this innocent lie will be temporary. We are all too focused on the present. Nobody has thought of the future. The lie may taint John now but the truth will come out. I know it will and when it does, John will be pure once again as he was before the witch trial started. This confession will allow John the chance to live his ordinary life like before and the chance to teach his boys and this unborn child to have strong morals, to have probity and to be courageous in life. John will be able to lead your children in the right direction in this wicked
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