Reflective Essay: The Salvation Army Thrift Shop

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My damaged scarlet red shirt that carries the crest of The Salvation Army is my dearest accomplishment. The shirt itself is nothing more than just that, a shirt, but it is also humble representative of time I dedicated to The Salvation Army Thrift Shop. In my junior year I would spend an hour or so from Monday to Friday and eight hours on Saturday: hanging clothes, cleaning the store, stocking away items, and customer service. While I am not able to devote as much time as I once used to, I still very much keep updated on the store and everything they do. However, this delightful inclination of helping others would have never arisen if I never listened in on small history lesson about George C. Marshall. It was on the JROTC Leadership team that I learned how awe-inspiring Marshall was, and Marshall Plan is what really caught my attention because he knew, the easy choice would be to leave Europe the way it was, but he decided on giving aid and rebuilding Europe. Then ultimately, it is JROTC to blame for my fascination with helping others. Last year, I held the position of assistant commander of the Leadership team. It was a subtle role, but the perfect role to receive the lecture about George C.…show more content…
Near closing time I would make sure that everything was in the right place, neat, and immaculately prepared for the upcoming day. Although not required for volunteers, I would do my best to give honest advice and guidance to customers. Along with that, I would learn skills that most volunteers did not care to learn and taught them to the employees while giving sincere advice on how things could run smoother. The most humbling part of the experience was seeing faces of children of less-fortunate families; they always had such sweet sweeping smiles to face the uncertain the future. And it was because of those faces I went back day-after-day to help out in any way I
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